Where are they now? Brock Center Alumni Feature - Quincie Gourley, AGC Spring 2019

Contributed by Caleigh Martella | Second year | Agricultural Communication

Meet Quincie Gourley, a Cal Poly graduate and Brock Center alumni who studied agricultural communication. Quincie was a writer, photographer, and associate here at the Brock Center. Here are some reflections on her time at Cal Poly and as a Brock Center associate:

1. Briefly describe your professional experience starting from when you graduated to where you are today.

During winter quarter of my senior year, I had received a job offer from Taylor Farms to start the beginning of July. I have now been with Taylor Farms for 10 months and I am excited to further grow alongside the company.

2. In what ways did working at Brock help prepare you for life after college?

Working at the Brock Center allowed me to get comfortable with writing blogs from covering events and sharing my personal experiences at Cal Poly. Today I write blog posts for Taylor Farms and Brock helped me to understand storytelling from a company’s voice.

3. What is your favorite Brock Center memory?

During my senior year, we took at least 3 group photoshoots. For our last one, before graduation, I showed up in a rainbow wig and no one could take me seriously… I ended up taking it off and now I am wishing I kept it on.

4. What else were you involved in at Cal Poly?

So many things- I could never say no. I was really involved with Ag Ambassadors, Western Bonanza, Ag Education and Communication department and the Dean’s Office. I also partook in my fair share of clubs throughout Cal Poly, but I focused mainly on ACT and ABM.

5. What was your favorite class at CP?

Western Bonanza has by far been my favorite class and one that had most prepared me for marketing and communication through leadership positions. I was able to gain a very beneficial life skill- learning how to have fun and work hard to meet the goal.

6. What class do you wish you would have paid more attention to?

I’m not sure there is one that I would have paid more attention to, but I am looking into getting a photography certificate or an AA in photography at my local community college.

7. What is your advice for students planning on graduating this Spring?

My advice is to take a 5th year or at least a bonus quarter. But for those seniors who are “graduating” this quarter, my heart reaches out to each of you. There is something about San Luis in the Springtime that feels magical, minus the allergies. After graduation, plan a reunion trip with your friends to all meet up again, especially if you will not be living in the same area as one another.

We are proud of you Quincie! Keep up the good work.