Self Love & Beef: Revealing the beef industry through a new lens

Contributed by Caleigh Martella | Junior| Agricultural Communication

“Let’s do the dang thing!” Kiah Twisselman exclaims in many Instagram story posts. Not only is she “doing the dang thing” when it comes to transforming her life but she’s also “doing the dang thing” when it comes to her presence on social media.

Kiah Twissleman is a San Luis Obispo County native and multigenerational cattle rancher that is changing the narrative behind the health benefits of beef by bringing together her knowledge surrounding the industry and her recent health journey experiences.

Kiah lost 125 pounds naturally while using beef as a staple in her diet and making small but significant lifestyle changes. What started out as a personal goal has now transformed into a business where she shares her passion for health and wellness along with her roots in the beef industry to “empower women everywhere to find joy in the journey” as a life coach.

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Kiah has grown her social media presence significantly over the last year by engaging her audience with real, down-to-earth, and educational content that inspires and encourages her followers to become the best versions of themselves while simultaneously advocating for the beef industry.


The Twisselman family has been ranching on California’s Central Coast since 1884. Kiah holds her family's heritage close to her heart which we see in many Instagram posts of her at the ranch helping promote products, eating beef, and expressing her appreciation of agriculture.

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One aspect that I love about Kiah’s journey and her presence on social media is that she is credible. She doesn't just talk-the-talk but she walks-the-walk too. Her health journey began when after years of working in marketing for the Kentucky Beef Council, which promotes the health benefits of beef, Kiah felt like people did not take her seriously because of her weight. This ignited a spark in her to prove those people wrong.

To me, the credibility aspect is one of the many ways she makes her storytelling so prominent and intriguing. Kiah frequently shares recipes such as steak salads or the perfect way to cook tri-tip on her Instagram TV videos. People love to look at food and the video format is super helpful and engaging when it comes to step-by-step directions.

Kiah also promotes beef by using her creative skills in creating and selling ag-related stickers and doing giveaways of beef boxes from Twisselman Ranch Beef.

Kiah approaches the conversation around the health benefits of beef in a very loving way. She says many times on her Instagram that “there are no bad foods, there are only choices.” I think this mentality is very encouraging, especially in the world today where we are constantly seeing fad diets and “don’t eat this, don’t eat that'' on social media platforms. Her approach is a breath of fresh air and is another reason why I believe her platform is so successful.

Keeping it real

Trying to find transparency on social media is like trying to find a needle in a haystack, it can be extremely difficult. One quality that Kiah’s followers respect and admire of her is her ability to be vulnerable and show all parts of herself. She does not present a perfect and flaw-free life that we often see when scrolling through our social media feeds.

Kiah shows her audience the many struggles, mistakes, and setbacks that come about in everyday life. She resonates with people because she shows them that nobody is perfect and that the journey is long and hard but so worth it. This approach on social media is such a relief for many people and gives them a very positive experience when they come across Kiah’s accounts.

Along with her images, Kiah writes beautiful messages under her posts. Although they can be lengthy at times, their intent and overall impact are much more important to her audience. The messages are full of encouraging words, great advice, and usually a little humor too.

“I don’t always like my body, I still struggle with her from time to time. No relationship is perfect, not even the one we have with ourselves. But I’ve learned to stop beating the crap out of her, mentally and physically. I’ve learned to be kind to her. To forgive her, to hold space for her, and to nurture and nourish her well,” she says in her post on World Kindness Day.

Kiah creates a space that is relevant and welcoming to all. She uses a variety of social media outlets such as Instagram, her personal blog, her personal newsletter, and even Tik Tok. She is also planning to soon start a podcast! Having these various outlets help her to grow her influence and gain a greater following on social media.

Dancing through social media

Not only is Kiah posting on various platforms but she is also creating fun, fresh, and insightful content. Some of her most popular content pieces on Instagram are her morning dance parties. This came about when Kiah first started her health journey and she would use short dance parties during the day as her movement goal.

She even created her own “morning dance party” playlist for her followers which you can listen to here!

Other fun pieces that she incorporates into her feed are tips and tricks videos, different health and wellness challenges, templates to keep her followers on track with their own life goals, recipes, and life on the ranch.

All of these fun and informational ways of sharing her story and wisdom are what make Kiah such a great content creator as well as inspiration for many women. She has brought a new outlook on the consumption of red meats and a balanced lifestyle as a whole.

To me, Kiah has proven to those who doubted her in the beginning that beef can be a part of a health-focused lifestyle and she does so in a way that is empathetic to her audience and true to herself.