Meet a Farmer Friday

Contributed by Jonna Lemstra | Senior | Agricultural Communication

a photo of Trent the farmer feature
Trent Dodge, the Farm Manager of True Quest Farms

Welcome once again to Meet a Farmer

Friday! Today we are going to showcase the work of Trent Dodge, the Farm Manager for a citrus and avocado ranch in Lindsay, California. Trent's family, along with the Dir family, own True Quest Farms. Together this partnership owns Pumphouse ranch which is located on the east side of the Central Valley in the foothills.

Along with the help of his brothers, Trent grows around 13 different varieties of citrus and 7 types of avocados that they sell at the local farmers market in Visalia. Some specific avocado varieties they grow include Fuerte, Sir Prize, Bacon, and Hass. Trent commented that “People are surprised we can grow avocados in the Valley but we’re making it work with the location we have.” With their orchards located on a hillside, their avocado trees are not subject to as much of the extreme temperatures that come and go throughout the seasons.

Although fairly new to the industry of farming, Trent has gained valuable insight from the previous owners in growing the best quality fruit possible, especially with avocados. Their family partnership recently made an investment in constructing shade structures around a small block of their avocado trees to create a cooler, more stable environment. They are testing to see if this management practice can help relieve plant stress due to climate variations and increase production overall. The results of this test will help determine if more shade structures should be installed in the future.

Fruits of his labor can be found at the Visalia Famers’ Market on Saturdays in the months of November through May. Trent is grateful for the continued support as he provides the community with a variety of high-quality produce that is grown locally by a dedicated group of family farmers.

Photos provided by Jonna Lemstra.