Join #TeamBrock for the 2020-2021 school year!

Contributed by Caleigh Martella | Second-year | Agricultural Communication

Applications are now open to apply for a position at Brock Center for the 2020-2021 school year! The #joinTeamBrock blog segments will share some insight on a few of the different positions at the Brock Center and their daily tasks as well as why working at the Brock Center is such an amazing experience for students from all majors and backgrounds.

One of our associates made a super handy information page linked here that gives all the details about how to apply! Check out what our first senior, Molly Morris, has to say below!

Molly Morris

Senior | Art & Design—Photo/Video Concentration, Minor in IMC

1. What is your current position at Brock and what are the different duties and tasks of that position?

I am the multimedia associate for Brock! My position includes a wide range of tasks, including overseeing all major media projects (mainly photography & videography), taking story photos, headshots, and promotional materials for Brock, editing and organizing Brock files, working with media equipment, and teaching/helping other staff members and students with tools and programs. I also choose to write feature stories, blog posts, and content for our various publications!

2. Have you worked at Brock for multiple years? If so, how long and what were those positions?

This is my first year working for Brock. I have worked for multiple other campus entities as a photographer role throughout my college career, but what is unique to Brock is the team nature. Having a talented group of writers, designers, and collaborators to create a wide range of projects is something really special Brock offers. Especially as I plan to go solely into agriculture post-graduation, it also provides a space to make industry connections and get relevant practice for my field of work.

3. What is your favorite part about working at Brock?

As a senior, this has been a really rewarding position to apply my education into practice and also teamwork. Again, due to the nature of the Brock staff, there have been a lot of really cool learning opportunities and opportunities to share the skills I have learned as a CLA major to other associates and freelancers. While I am not a CAFES major, I have a passion for and strong background in agriculture so it’s fun to join forces with the Brock staff and advisors to make a really strong presence in agriculture and Cal Poly as a broader whole.

4. What have been some of the biggest takeaways that you have learned while working at Brock?

How to work with others’ strengths and work with a wide variety of content. It’s also been fun working with the farm bureau and other clients to have more of an applicable community industry experience.

5. Why would you encourage other students to get involved with Brock?

Working for Brock has a lot of freedom. There are so many opportunities to strengthen skills you already have, as well as to try things you maybe have never done but want to. The content is also really flexible for the most part, and if there are particular topics or trends within agriculture you are more passionate about, there will likely be a way to work on those. The staff and advisors (Dr. Cannon & Mrs. Silcott) also bring varied experiences and agricultural backgrounds, so there are tons of great connections and ways to be involved.