Interested in building your resume? Come work for the Brock Center!

The Brock Center for Agricultural Communication is seeking new associates for the 2021-2022 school year!

Brock Center Associates are a dynamic group of dedicated Cal Poly students from all majors working together on communication-based projects relating to agriculture, food and environmental sciences. They get a chance to work with industry-standard technology and software, including equipment for photography, videography and audio recording, and applications for graphic design, social media planning, and web development. Associates have access to all these amazing resources in order to take part in projects of all kinds, working with real-world clients.

We’re looking for team members who have great communication skills, an interest in agriculture and science topics broadly, are diligent, enthusiastic and interested in collaborating with an outstanding team of students and faculty.

Take this opportunity to build your resume, get paid, and get some hands-on "Learn by Doing" experience!

Applications are due May 7th at 11:59 p.m. Click here to apply now!


Hear from our graduating seniors on their experience working for the Brock Center

"The best part of being a Brock team member is getting to work with a group of students who all have different skillsets from you. No matter what you’re working on you’re always learning from one another! I definitely recommend students apply to be on the Brock team because not only is it FUN but you'll gain experience in all different areas of communicating about agriculture!"

– Morgan Nunes, Agricultural Communication Senior

"The best part about being a Brock Associate is I get paid to do things I love while working with a great team. We all have our individual talents and when we come together we get amazing things done. Over the last year, things have been crazy, and having a great group of people behind me has helped tremendously!"

– Katelyn Pedersen, Agricultural Communication Senior

"My favorite thing about the Brock Center has been having the opportunity to develop different skills that I will be able to continue to utilize in the future!"

– Andrew Rezendes, Graphic Communication Senior

"Being a Brock Center Associate is a lot of fun. Personally, being an art major and feeling not as knowledgeable in the ag industry, I learned so much. While most of my year with Brock was spent meeting online, the part I love the most is the people! Dr. Cannon, Dr. Mike, and my coworkers have all made my experience at the Brock Center a hoot and a half! The projects we have had opportunities to work on are not only great work experiences, but also enjoyable. Overall, 12/10, would recommend!"

– Joey Marshall, Art and Design Senior

"My favorite part about being a Brock Associate is the variety of projects I’ve gotten to work on. The Brock Center has a wide range of tasks from writing and publishing AgCircle to creating multimedia projects for different organizations across campus. I highly recommend working with the Brock Center not only to gain experience but also learn new skills in a supportive environment!"

– Abby Huntress, Agricultural Communication Senior

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