How one Cal Poly professor is improving automation within agriculture

Contributed by Madison Somerday, Kaylee Brooks, & Dalton Nichols | AGC 470 students

At Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo, students within the Agricultural Education and Communication department are learning about faculty members’ research and bringing them to light through digital media. Students in the Agricultural Communications 470 class: Communicating Agriculture to Public Audiences were assigned a faculty member to meet with to learn about their current research and create a multimedia project revolving around their research.

Our group created our digital media project on Dr. Sadek’s research. Dr. Sadek teaches in the Bioresource Agricultural Engineering department, and the main focus of his research is on automation in the agriculture industry. We got to highlight two of his projects. One is about collecting data on tractor operation to improve sensors for automated agriculture technology. The other project is an automated lettuce harvester that Sadek and his students are working on manufacturing.

Dr. Sadek is passionate about his projects because he wants to bring automation into the agriculture industry. He sees how valuable bringing automation to agriculture would be in California since much of what is grown is very labor-intensive and there isn’t enough equipment out there currently.

Whether it be tractors or mechanical harvesters, Sadek is trying to help make the future for this industry more sustainable and cost-effective. It’s exciting to see what these professors have been working on! Make sure to view our project on Streaming Science