Search The Farmers Market Brought to Your Front Door

Contributed by Sunny Andersen | Third Year | Agricultural Communications

Do you want to support your local farmers and vendors but do not have time to go to a farmers’ market? Then might be right for you.

Harvestly’s mission is to, “Create a sustainable, hyperlocal experience for vendors and customers.” This company upholds their values by offering a variety of goods at reasonable prices.

Consumers can purchase fresh produce and organic foods through the platform, which is then delivered at their doorstep. The availability of this service, especially during a pandemic, has helped to keep local farmers and businesses afloat. During the pandemic, many lost their businesses because farmer’s markets were brought to a halt, due to COVID-19. Even in the times that farmers’ markets were held, vendors still suffered from extremely low attendance rates.

Lakfy explains, “When we launched our online platform, it was crucial in allowing a lot of these vendors to survive throughout the pandemic because they didn't have to go to farmer's markets and be at risk," He later states that, "Since starting, we've paid out about $250,000 to local businesses."

Harvestly has over 160 local vendors to choose from, providing a large array of products available for purchase. Every product purchased is made fresh within 48 hours of delivery, which is a part of the company's guarantee. In addition, the majority of the sales are rewarded to vendors and their personal business, with minimal fees. Harvestly is also committed to sustainability and is a part of the Stripe Climate, a coalition of businesses that are based around accelerating carbon removal.

Harvestly believes that any business can play a role in helping to fight climate change, and they are proud to help fund the next generation of carbon removal.

Consumers of farm fresh and organic produce take pride in supporting businesses that prioritize progression and sustainability. Personally, I have used Harvestly before to purchase fresh produce for myself and my roommates.

A frequently asked question about Harvestly is if there is a delivery fee or not. The answer is yes, there is a $5 flat rate fee to deliver anywhere in the county, delivered directly to your doorstep. Harvestly also sends text updates regarding delivery times. In the case that a customer is not home at the time of drop-off, they will reschedule to guarantee your products are kept in prime condition.

To ensure the safety of frozen and refrigerated items, Harvestly drivers place frozen items in ice chests, and the

refrigerated items in an insulated delivery bag to maintain freshness. In addition, all orders that include perishable items are packed with an icepack.

Another reason to support Harvestly is because the business is always looking to expand their platform and introduce new vendors. If you or someone you know has a local product that they would like to reach more consumers, they can visit the website linked below to fill out a vendor interest form or you can refer them as a friend.