Be a Contributor to AgCircle Magazine!

Contributed by Grace Curtis | Junior | Journalism

Cal Poly’s Brock Center for Agricultural Communication is gearing up to start working on the Winter 2021 issue of the AgCircle magazine, and we need contributors! This upcoming edition will be published in a digital format, and because of this, there are tons of new possibilities for the magazine. The team is looking for students from all majors to produce written articles, digital photography, and even video and audio content as well. The Brock Team is excited to dive in and explore all the new possibilities that this year's edition will bring and to have as many student creators involved as possible!

Why should students write for AgCircle?

Being a contributor for AgCircle is a great experience for many reasons, some of which include:

  • Diving into a topic you are passionate about and getting your work published

  • Experiencing the publication process for a nationally recognized magazine

  • Networking opportunities within the Agriculture industry

  • Showing future employers your involvement outside of the classroom

  • Building your resume (you can attach our publication to your LinkedIn!)

One of our current Brock Center associates and past AgCircle contributor has shared her experience writing for the magazine:

Morgan Nunes

Senior | Agricultural Communication

What was it like being a writer for AgCircle?

“Being a writer for AgCircle was a lot of fun! Working so hard for something all quarter and finally seeing that finished product in the end was really rewarding.” 

What initially drew you to be a writer for AgCircle?

“I knew that getting experience in writing about agriculture would look really good on a resume and help me when trying to get a job within agricultural communications in the future. Not only that, but I have always enjoyed writing but never got the chance to publish anything until coming to Cal Poly and I thought, why not just go for it?”

What’s your biggest takeaway from the experience?

“One thing I took from the experience is that even if you don’t feel you can write an article specifically, there are so many other parts students can help out with within AgCircle. Anyone can get involved in different ways to showcase their skills!”

What was the Brock Team like?

“The Brock Team was very helpful. I knew that if I needed help with anything, I could just pop into the office and get any questions answered that I had. They were very responsive with emails as well and helped me get contacts and a good start to writing my article!”

Would you recommend to other students to write for AgCircle? Why?

“Yes, 100% yes! Being able to share with my family and friends an article that I wrote myself was awesome! I would recommend students to write for AgCircle even if they are new writers. The Brock team helps out with whatever you may need and makes it exciting!” 


If you have any interest in being a contributor for our Winter 2021 issue of AgCircle magazine, please reach out to us ASAP! Our email is or you can message us on social media @brockcenter!

For reference, past print editions of the magazine can be found here. For more information about the Brock Center, click here.