About AGC 470: Multimedia publications in agriculture

Contributed by Lily Tillery & Brooklyn Peterson  | Students of the AGC 470 class

During the winter 2020 quarter Dr. Karen Cannon offered a new and somewhat experimental class, AGC 470. The purpose of this course was to teach students how to successfully plan, piece together, and convey a story about scientific research conducted on the Cal Poly campus. The learning objectives of AGC 470 are all geared toward the Agricultural Communication major. In addition to that, the class criteria encourages students to step outside of the classroom and create a project that requires hands-on, learn by doing experience. The end goal of the course is to create a multimedia project. All of the students in AGC 470 have been working diligently all quarter to produce a high-quality project that will be posted on streaming science.  

What is streaming science?

Streaming Science is a student-driven, project-based learning science literacy program. The mission of Streaming Science is to introduce public audiences, especially middle and high

school students and teachers, to real-world scientists and critical agricultural and

environmental research through multiple interactive communication platforms. Through a series of courses and experiences students are developing videos, podcasts, and live interactive electronic field trips with iPad multimedia backpack communication kits. 

Our Project

Our researcher was Dr. Bates, a professor in the BioResource and Agricultural Engineering department at Cal Poly, SLO. Dr. Bates is passionate about teaching and uses his passion to help his students conduct research for their senior projects. He is a graduate of the BioResource and Agricultural Engineering program at Cal Poly and also has a Master's Degree in Civil and Environmental Engineering from the University of Washington. He is a registered Civil Engineer in the state of California and received his Ph.D. in Systems and Engineering Management from Texas Tech University. He aims to find solutions to real-world problems that face agriculture today!

Check out Streaming Science to read more about the awesome work that Dr. Bates and his students are conducting along with all of the other student projects in the AGC 470 class.